The Language Center is one of the most important extension projects of the UPN. Its main objective is to  contribute to enhancing the knowledge  level of foreign languages in our country by training children, youth and adults of all ages. It was founded by Agreement 015 of June 10, 2005, by the Higher University Council, as a division attached to the Faculty of Humanities regarding academic aspects, and to the Vice-Rectory of the University Management in regards to administrative and budgetary aspects. Currently, this division designs and develops English, French, Italian and German programs registered with the District Education Secretariat by Resolutions No. 02030 of May 15, 2018.The courses are offered to the general audiences, members of the institution who have important discounts, and public or private entities interested in the training offered by the Center.

The future is right now, learn languages, be a citizen of the world!
Language Center, UPN

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